Dry Shampoo: Spray Vs Powder…

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It’s one of the biggest things at the moment, yes we are talking about Dry Shampoo!

For many of us, we can’t even remember a time when dry shampoo wasn’t around.

Before the sprays came out, ladies were using powder so the trend isn’t really anything new.

However, the decision to go spray or powder is definitely circulating, so let’s try and determine a winner.


First off, for those who don’t know, both are designed to conceal greasy roots as well as give us 10 extra minutes in the morning.

It’s also worth noting that dry shampoo, as obvious as it sounds, is to be used on dry hair and to be sprayed at a distance, so that it won’t build up.

So that’s one con for the spray alternative right there.

But, sprays are a lot less messy than powders, so we will let that slide.


dry shampoo


For those spraying or powdering for the first time, don’t be alarmed when your hair becomes white, yes white, this is what is suppose to happen.

Once your fears subside, you’ll love the volume that is created by these dry shampoo formulas.


So when it comes to picking a product, remember that spray or powder will essentially do the same thing and soak up excess oil.

However the sprays are a lot easier to use and do soak up the oil a little better.

On the market place today, translucent Tigi, scented Rene and affordable Batiste are among the common favourites to purchase.


Some extra tips are:

Don’t forget to apply it underneath your hair, not only does this eliminate white residue that will clearly be in sight but you’ll remember to target small areas such as behind your ears.

Do remember to not play with your hair too much as you will reverse what you have just done.


Either way be sure to check and read the finer details before purchasing, particularly for those with a dry or itchy scalp.

Mirenesse xx