Winter Beauty Advice…


For many people, the winter weather brings on more than just a runny nose and a rosy glow.

Uncomfortable dryness on the face, hands and feet and a general tight feeling can become apparent.

This dryness can also result in flaking, cracking and even eczema.

So what can you do? Well, boosting your winter skincare regime is the answer.

First off, you should be moisturising more.

It’s important to find a moisturiser that works as an ointment and creates a protective layer on the skin so that moisture is retained.

Our Endless Youth & Youth Switch Serums tick all the boxes.



Next, is to use sunscreen despite the cloudy forecasts.

Surprisingly the winter sun can damage your skin, although you may be all rugged up before stepping out, your face and hands need to be protected.

When it comes to your hands also remember to take extra care because the skin on your hands is thinner, meaning there are fewer oil glands and therefore it is harder to keep them moist.

This is also a great excuse to buy the gorgeous designer gloves we all tend to find in the winter season!

Keeping hydrated is also important and therefore plenty of water should be consumed and a deeply hydrating facial peel should be used.

Lucky last…

Remember to give your eyes and lips some attention.

Applying an eye cream such as our Power Lift Superstar Eye Serum and a moisturising lip balm will avoid puffy eyes and help your lips remain soft and smooth.

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