Brightening Skincare Secrets…

properties of light

Regardless of your skin colour, most of us struggle with some kind of pigmentation problem which prevents us from having that beautiful glowing finish.

So if your skin appears lighter or darker than normal, this post is a must read!

First off, let’s explore some of the causes of these brown or pigmented spots.

The first thing to note is that skin pigmentation problems occur when the body produces an unsubstantial amount of melanin.

This is the pigment that creates the colour of our skin, eyes and hair.

Unusual melanin production is primarily caused by unprotected sun exposure and hormones.

When it comes to your skin, melanin can provide some amount of sun protection, which is the reason why darker skin tones are less susceptible to sunburn.


So if you are on the paler side, how do you ensure you can maintain glowing brightness?

Well, the best place to start is to apply sunscreen!

Sunscreen is by far the one stop shop to control and reduce skin discolouration, and when it comes to using skin lightening exfoliants, peels and treatments, sunscreen is vital.

So alongside your cleanser, toner/serum and exfoliant, your lightening treatment, moisturiser and sunscreen should give you results within 12 weeks of use and be used daily to gradually eliminate brown spots and discolourations.

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Mirenesse xx