Skin Tone Identifiers…

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When it comes to choosing the right makeup, considering your skin tone is a must!

But how do you go about identifying your own skin tone?

Well, firstly you need to look for what the skin’s undertone is.

It will be either warm, cool or neutral in colour and this will of course change depending on sun exposure and skin conditions, such as acne and rosacea.

So, let’s determine your undertone.

If you tan easily and don’t burn harshly you will likely have a warm undertone, meaning espresso type shades match perfectly.

Those who do burn and only tan minimally commonly have a cooler undertone and this can be quite tricky to match, so do trial several neutral tones to see what works best.

Olive skin tones tend to have a yellow undertone and neutral tones also work well here.

But, is there a quick way to determine your tone?

The answer is yes!

If all else is forgotten, take note that it’s been seen that people rely on the colour of their veins to dictate their skin tone.

Those with blue/purple veins on the inside of the wrist sit within a cool-toned spectrum and therefore sit in the lightest skin tone range.

While those with veins that appear green, sit in the warm-toned spectrum.

So when it comes to shopping for your foundation, you want to neutralise whatever overtones are present and thus match the skin’s natural undertone.

Prior to makeup application, a skincare product can aid in evening out your skin tone.

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Mirenesse xx