Metallic Nail Art…

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Shiny mirrored and metallic nails have become very popular and for good reason!

This nail style is bold, but not too over the top and therefore it’s the perfect way to lend some edge to a simple outfit!

The main thing to remember when it comes to metallic and bold nails is to keep the nails filed short!

But how do you pull off the look?

Well there are two ways to do so!

1. Wrap your nails!

To wrap your nails, first start with clean filed nails and remove any excess oils with nail polish remover.

Then apply a base coat of polish to ensure the wrap will be smooth.

Then select the appropriate wrap and peel the backing and apply to the nails with the rounded end at the cuticle.

Follow by smoothing the sticker down with a nail buffer and then trimming any excess!

To really set the design, follow with another application of top coat over the wrap!


Now to the next option!

This is the more obvious one, metallic paint!

Here you can have a little fun by combining and layering multiple colours both in matte and metallic shades.

In our own Bullet Proof Range there are a variety of colours that can really add a pop of colour to any outfit!

So get creative and explore this nail art trend!

Mirenesse xx


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