Bronzer For Summer And Winter…

warm up feature

It may be summer up north and winter down here but we all shouldn’t forget our bronzer!

The trick to wearing it all year round, is customising it.

So here are a few tricks to keep in mind.


1. Tint your moisturiser.

Given the cloudy days, we loose that summer glow, so replicate it by mixing a few drops of your liquid bronzer with your moisturiser. This will give you a glowing sheer finish!


2. Apply a powder bronzer using the E,3,1 rule!

A simply way to remember and check off your bronzer application is to remember that you need to shade either side of your face beginning at the forehead then to the temple and last to the cheek- giving yourself an “e” and a “3” on the other side and the finish with a “1” that’s the strip down either side of your nose.

Also, remember to make your highlights realistic, your nose, cheekbones and forehead should have the most glow!


3. Swirl your colours!

Swirling together a few tones will make a world of difference and create a slight shimmer, so try out some colour combinations in your free time!

Our own Marble Mineral Blush blushes which come in two glowing tones, replicate this swirl texture giving the most even finish!




Don’t forget your ears and neck.

For those bronzing for the first time, be sure to use a super light buildable brush that will leave you with a streak-free finish.

Our Contour Sculpt Blush Brush found within our eight piece makeup brush set is all you’ll ever need!

Mirenesse xx