Obvious Concealer?

art of concealment

We all love our concealer, and for good reason!

Whether you’ve got a big meeting, heading out on a date or simply going to work, you want what you say and do to be the centre of attention, not the large pimple on your face.

So over and over again we look for an amazing concealer, that sits on top of our foundation and simply covers the spot, without making it stand out even more.

So how can you avoid this?


Well first off, if your concealer does stand out too much, there are two possible things going wrong.

One, you may be using the wrong colour.

Two, you may be using the wrong formula.


So how can you ensure you aren’t making these mistakes?

Well, there are a two main points to remember.

1. Under your eyes, you should be using a peachy shade, which will combat blue tones.

2. On the face, a matte texture should be applied. Yellow and beige tones work best to combat redness.


Lucky last…

When it comes to applying concealer, don’t cake it on, gently pat it on and build the coverage as you go.

You’ll find that you’ll achieve a better finish!



Mirenesse xx