Eyeliner Trends…


When it comes to creative beauty, the eyeliner styles are endless.

So, today we are sharing some of our favourites.

1. The reverse cat eye.

For those who may not have read our Reverse Cat Eye Post, the reverse cat eye is when your black eye liner extends further on the lower lash line, rather than simply stopping at the inner “V” corner of your eye.

2. A black and white double cat eye.

To pull this look off, all you need is a black and white eye pencil.

Start by drawing dashes along your upper lash line. Tilt the dashes upwards as you reach the outer edge of the eye and then connect the dashes in one fluid line.

After coating your upper lashes in mascara, line the lower lid with the white pencil, tracing the V-shape at the inner corner of your eye and continuing the line beneath your waterline.

Remember to extend the colour so it meets and runs parallel to the black liner.


3. An exaggerated cat eye and heavily-lined lower lid.

Pull off this dramatic look by lining your eyes using a thicker black shadow pencil.

This means you’ll have a controlled flick and the lower liner will be a bit more intense-looking too.

So, there you have it, some of our favourite eyeliner looks.

Feel free to share some of your favourites, and be sure to be adventurous as you never know what you may just create!

Mirenesse xx