Beautiful Optical Illusions…



Today we’ve had a little fun on the blog.

That’s right we’re going to talk about optical illusions and makeup.

We all know that makeup can enhance, conceal and transform, but it’s time to see what the makeup artists have been hiding all this time; symmetry.

Sounds a little obvious right?

Well, you’ll be intrigued to know that symmetry has been scientifically proven to be inherently attractive to the human eye and therefore is an important determination of beauty.

So how can you ensure you have beauty symmetry.

Well, let’s jump down to the lips shall we.

Have you ever noticed how your teeth appear whiter in photos with red lippy or how the glow in the middle of your lip can give the illusion of fullness.

Well, if so, then you have successfully pulled off optical illusion makeup.

The illusion of full, gorgeous lips can be achieved quite easily.

Start by lining your lips with a slightly darker-than-your-fleshtone lipliner, follow with a lighter coloured lipstick and finish by dabbing a clear or light-coloured lip gloss in the center of the bottom lip. The central placement of the light colour will make the surrounding area stand out more in a 3D way.

Take some time to look at the picture below.


It’s hard to believe, but A and B are the exact same shade.

A appears to be a darker colour than B but this is an illusion.

The illusion that B is lighter than A is caused by the contrast of the surrounding dark squares and so even though the square is physically dark, it is light when compared to the squares around it.

What this means for you and your makeup, is that if you want to look fairer you can dye your hair darker or wear deeper shades of lipstick.

In reverse you can look darker by lightening your hair and brightening your makeup shades.

So, have a play with some of your favourite makeup colours at home and see if you can lift and sculpt your face with optical illusions.

Mirenesse xx