Nail Polish Hacks…

polish up

Nail art continues to dominate the beauty scene and for good reason!

Not only can it really add a pop of colour to any outfit, but bright coloured nails, glitter patterns and stylised designs can bring a sense of personality to any look.

So, today we’ve tried to make your nail life a little easier.

Here are some of our favourite nail hacks roaming around the web.

1. Using vaseline for an easy cleanup.


By lining around your nails in petroleum jelly with a cotton tip you will create a barrier between your polish and skin.

This is a great way to prevent the paint from sticking to the skin around your nails.


2. Prevent the tips of your painted nails from chipping by painting two base coat layers.

Your first base coat should be applied to the top half of your nail and the second coat over the entire nail.

This technique will help the polish on the tips of your nails which is prone to chipping last longer.


3. Paint your nail art design on a plastic sandwich bag.


After painting your design you can then peel it off and seal them on your nails with a nail art glue gun or a clear top coat.


4.Use tape to create two-tone designs.

After you’ve chosen two different polishes, paint one coat of the lighter polish on each nail and seal it with a clear topcoat. After it is completely dry, apply strips of tape over the areas you wish to remain in that colour and then paint a layer over the entire nail and on top of the tape. Let it dry for a minute, and then grab both ends of the tape and slowly peel them back at the same time to reveal the finished look.


5. Remove stubborn polish by soaking cotton pads in nail polish remover, wrapping them around your nails, and securing them with foil.

Lucky last…do remember to roll your nail polish bottle instead of shaking it in your hands before using it in order to avoid air bubbles.

Mirenesse xx