Finding The Perfect Hair Part…

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Perfecting your makeup style is one thing, but finding the right hair part is a whole other ball game!

Not only should you hair part compliment your face shape but it should add volume and sit naturally.

So how do you find your perfect hair part?

Well, finding the right part for your face shape is based on some tips that we’ve gathered below.

1. Identify your face shape.

Your face shape can be oval or long.

Round or square!

Triangular or heart shaped.


2. Match your part to your face shape.

If you do have a oval or long shaped face a side part generally works best as this will give the illusion that your face is in fact wider than what it is as the hair isn’t centred.

Round or square faces should have a centre parting as this will frame the face perfectly and allow it to appear slightly longer.

Similar to above, heart shaped faces should have a slightly off centre hair parting.

This will balance out prominent foreheads and chins.

So, don’t waste anymore time pondering, try parting your hair in a way that compliments your face shape and see what suits you best!

Mirenesse xx