Foundation Flaws…

airbrush away imperfections

We all try to hide our fine lines, uneven skin tone and blemishes with foundation.

But some of us are a lot better than others and there are still a lot of us who don’t know what we are doing wrong.

So after today, you will no longer fall victim to some of the most common foundation mistakes.

  • Firstly do not test the shade of your foundation on your palm or wrist. You should colour match or test the colour underneath your eyes, around your nose and along your jaw line. It is also worth noting that you are better off choosing a darker shade if you are unsure, as this will cover more skin blemishes and imperfections.

foundation colour swatches

  • Use primer and a line filling or mattifier prior to your foundation application! This will stop your foundation from disappearing. Do remember to apply foundation in a room that isn’t too bright or too dark to ensure an even application. It is best to get ready in the environment you are stepping out in, for day time wear, apply your makeup in a well lit bathroom with natural light coming through.

light room makeup application

  • Don’t ignore your liquid foundation, not only will it last longer, but your skin will look smoother and flawless, especially if you invest in a good foundation brush. Doing so will also mean you will use less foundation and therefore save time, money and not to mention the hassle of messy finger prints.

foundation brush

  • Remember that you don’t need to use foundation over all your face, if your foundation is a true match for your skin you can cover redness and problem areas quickly. But do pay extra attention to your hairline, nose, ears, chin and jawline as well as your neck to avoid an uneven tone.

foundation problem areas

So ladies no more excuses and mistakes, flawless and fabulous skin is yours and now you too can be left airbrushed to perfection.


Mirenesse xx