Futuristic Beauty…

future beauty

So we’ve all heard of 3D printers right?

Well, I’m sure a lot of us have never thought of a day where you could have a 3D makeup printer at home!

With one of these amazing devices you could print out eye shadow, blush and lip colours with FDA approved ink used by makeup companies.



Not only would this mean that you could copy colour codes and therefore get the exact colour you want but that the way all of us beauty lovers by and use makeup would change forever!




So, what are your thoughts on this beauty revelation?

It would mean we wouldn’t need to leave the house to try makeup on, but online beauty shopping already allows us to do this.


So, then the real question is would you be happy printing out your own makeup and using it from home?

Do feel free to share your thoughts below, we’d love to know what you think the beauty future holds!

Mirenesse xx


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