Dating Makeup!

date night

So it’s been known that on average a women will wait more than four weeks before going makeup-free in front of their new partner, however for some it seems like that isn’t long enough.

But, why is this?

Well of course the obvious reason is that we feel our better halves wouldn’t find us as attractive, but at the same time many have raised the question of whether they would even notice at all?

Well if you are spending the night it’s likely he will assume that he has seen you without makeup and that moment in the morning when you first awake next to one another is his registration of your bare it all look.

But before you rush to wake up first and apply coverage, it should be noted that most men could interpret this as you feeling less relaxed around them.

So what’s the best to do?

Firstly, make sure you have found your perfect foundation match first so that your coverage blends perfectly with your natural complexion.

Then focus on highlighting your best features in the best light and lastly and most importantly remember to be yourself and keep up with your regular skincare routine.


Not only will cleansing and moisturising each night allow you to showcase the best of your bare skin in front of him in the morning, but this will make him feel as though you are comfortable around him.

Mirenesse xx