Where We Forget To Apply Sunscreen…


It may come as a bit of surprise, but there are a many areas which we never think to apply sunscreen to.

Although it may be cold down here in Melbourne, Australia, the sun whether it be out on a really hot day or a cold one does cause quite a lot of harm.

Alongside forgetting or disregarding effective exfoliation, not applying sunscreen and leaving the skin unprotected are the most common causes for premature ageing and uneven skin.

So how do you fix this?

Well, let’s discuss the areas which many are potentially forgetting to cover?

1. Your Eyes and Eyelids.


In addition to causing premature wrinkles, leaving your eyes and eye area unprotected can cause it to become even more delicate than it already is. Wearing sunglasses and using SPF is of the upmost importance here.

2. The top of your hands.


Your hands, by far are exposed to the most sunlight every single day, therefore it should come as no surprise that your age can be reflected in your hands as this is where the signs of ageing are most noticeable.

To maintain youthful hands do ensure to lather them in sunscreen every day.

3. Where your hair parts and your neck.

e54dad735c733c843379176389e458a6You may not give it much thought, but unless your wearing a hat, you hair part and your neck are exposed to the sun daily.

Using a light SPF spray will ensure your scalp is safe and applying your regular sunscreen to your neck will ensure it isn’t red.

So, don’t just check off just the basics, think about which areas of the body are exposed the most and add SPF to your daily skincare routine to ensure you have complete protection day after day!

Mirenesse xx