Mascara Do’s & Don’ts…

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All women love Mascara and we at Mirenesse surely do!

But there are a few things that we should all keep in mind when applying and wearing Mascara.

1. If you have contacts or sensitive eyes you may need to be a bit more picky in your choice!


Formulations such as ours are the safest because they don’t contain fibres which can fall onto lenses or oil, alcohol, petrolatum and fragrance which can heavily affect contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.

2. Waterproof mascara’s should only be used occasionally.

waterproof mascara

You are far better off buying a mascara that is water-resistant meaning tears or humidity will not affect it.

3. Not all brushes can be washed when they get clumpy and when they are they need to be washed correctly!

Our brushes can be washed however they are to be rinsed in boiled and cooled water until clean. Then gently dried before reinserted into the mascara bottle.

4. Eye-lash curlers are a must have and mascara should be applied to your bottom lashes first and you should look upwards during the application!

When applying mascara to the bottom lashes look upwards and when applying to the top lashes, look straight ahead.

5. It is better for you to reapply mascara before it sets and don’t fear when small smudges appear! 

Our mascaras take approximately 3 minutes to set so it is best if you apply as much as you desire during that time and not leave the brush outside the tube for longer than 3 minutes to avoid needing to wash it. 


If you accidentally smudge during application, you can use a dry cotton tip and gently wipe the area and it will sweep cleanly off the skin.

However, if you use unique formulations like our own you will have a smudge free product.

Mirenesse xx


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