Become Prettier In Your Sleep?


You may have heard it before, but beauty sleep is in fact essential for repairing the skin!

So If you want your skin and hair for that matter to look younger and healthier during the day, it’s time to adopt some of these night time habits.

1. Change your pillowcases often.

By washing and changing your pillowcases frequently you will prevent yourself from resting your skin on bacteria for eight hours a night, flipping your pillows over on days you’re not changing them is also wise.

2. Skip salty foods and alcohol around bedtime.

Consuming salty foods and alcohol will leave your body dehydrated which will then result in the body collecting natural fluids around the eyes leading to that morning puffy-eye look. So, either replace the nightly glass of wine with another beverage or try adding an extra-pillow to lay your head on while sleeping to help drain fluids.

3. Wear your hair up while sleeping. 

Keeping your hair off your face while you sleep is a good idea. Tying your hair in a high but loose ponytail will keep your most recent blowout intact.


4. Go to bed with a clean face.

Aside from funky eye gunk, not taking off your makeup before sleeping causes pore-clogging, which can lead to breakouts, so wash off your makeup each night and allow your skin to repair overnight.

5. Moisturise. 

Getting into a repairing skin cycle is the key to a fresh, dewy look in the morning. Using an anti-ageing night cream that contains hyaluronic acid which will attract water and smoothen wrinkles is important. Following this, a light application of your favourite lip balm and a soft coat of lash serum can go a long way!

Mirenesse xx