Lipstick, Lip Stain, Lip Gloss And The Lip Bomb Revolution…

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There are many ways we can add a pop of colour to our lips, but first it’s important that we all understand the differences between multiple lip textures.

Firstly, the one we all love and own, a must have that is traditional yet a big favourite is Lipstick.

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Mainly wax and oil based, lipstick promises maximum colour and strong lasting power with moisturising affects. Offered in all sorts of finishes including shine, satin, matte and creme to name a few this little favourite is one of the most complex formulas of them all. However, it’s worth noting that the bolder, darker and brighter the colour the faster the fade.

A standard starting point for most is Lip Balm and Lip Tint/Stain


A tint is close to a lip balm and is typically balm based and sheer, set to moisturise the lips. Colour is more of an after thought in this regard and the item is somewhat of a low-maintenance but not completely naked cosmetic item. Stains differ slightly in being highly concentrated pigments and they are mainly water and alcohol based. So, do keep in mind that they may need the layer of balm every now and again, unless of course you find a hydrating formula!

One of the simplest to apply and carry is Lip Gloss.


Known by many as the foolproof sister of the lip family and typical worn to shape a natural look and if you find a good lipgloss you will have a glossy finish that doesn’t leave your lips stuck together.

Lastly… is a cross between a gloss, lip stain and colour, our own Lip Bomb!


A high pigment which allows you to customise your own style with its mixing ability our lip bombs have been described as a true bombshell by those who have experienced the sensation of non bleeding long lasting colour!

So, don’t waste anytime, go and enjoy the difference!

Mirenesse xx


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  1. Hello, This is Sandra Fleischman, I would LOVE To try your, “LIP BOMB”, If you have an extra one I would really appreciate it if you could send me one. P, S. I have Red hair and Brown eyes. Thank You, Sandra Fleischman

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