Beautiful Gift Ideas…

treats for two

We all love to share the best in beauty with beautiful and inspiring women in our life.

Whether it be our mothers, sisters or best friends we all try to find the newest and best gifts for these amazing women.

But this isn’t always so easy!

So here at Mirenesse us girls have came up with a few ideas of great beautiful gifts that are thoughtful and glamourous.

1. Buy a variety of products and make your own variety gift pack.

Visit your favourite stores and subscribe to the online shops you love to keep up to date with the latest sales and buy multiple items in bulk because you will get better value and you can save some products for other gifts.


When shopping with us you can choose from a variety Glamm Boxes.

2. On the more thoughtful side you could make your own beauty gift!

A great gift for mum would be to make your own facial scrub and pair it with a scented body butter or bronzing lotion from your favourite beauty store.

3. After purchasing a great piece of coloured jewellery design your own themed gift pack.

Pair bright blue studs with a strong blue eyeshadow palette, a gold and red necklace with a bright red lippy or a bright pink clutch with orange nail polish.


4. Find a great Day Spa and purchase a twin Spa treatment for you to enjoy with the lucky birthday girl.

This a great way to spend some quality time together and spoil yourself in the process.

5.  Pair some exclusive skin care products with some handmade scented candles.

This is perfect for spa lovers who can place the scented candles in the bathroom and then use their new skincare products after relaxing.


6. For those a little more creative.

Decorate a vase with shells or beads, or design a picture frame with a photo of the two of you or with a great quote or saying the two of you have.

Remember one of the greatest gifts is giving!

Mirenesse xx