Lifesaving Bobby Pin Tips!

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Bobby pins are one of the few beauty tools we love and so we are sharing a few extra ways of using them, that you may have never thought of before!

1. For better grip, flip the bobby pin over so that the more textured side comes into contact with the hair.

Also spraying some dry shampoo on the pins will prevent slippage.

2. Use a locking technique to ensure that your pin stays in place ALL DAY.

To do so, aim the open end of the pin against the direction of your hair and then rotate the pin so the open end is now facing the same direction as the hair. Then push the pin in toward your head to secure it.


3. Insert bobby pins into your ponytail holder to lift up your ponytail.

To do so insert two or three bobby pins halfway inside the elastic and facing downward toward the crown of your head.

We’d love to hear any of your bobby pin tips too, please share in the comment area below.

Mirenesse xx


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