Celebrity Skin Secrets…


Australia’s leading ladies rocking the film industry always look flawless on camera, but off camera there are a few little secrets and rules they follow to ensure their skin lasts the length of ongoing 10-12 hour work days.

So, today we are sharing four of our favourite celebrity secrets with you!

Known for her roles on Dexter and Chuck Yvonne Strahovski keeps herself youthful and fresh by following a basic morning routine using natural products.


Admittedly conscious of parabens and sulfates as we at Mirenesse are, Yvonne sticks to a fruit and enzyme cleanser and a vegetable based moisturiser alongside a firming serum.

Into using oils Yvonne also loves using pure vitamin E oil when her skin is irritated and also enjoys using a little lavender oil or eucalyptus for healing.

Likewise the bold Rose Byrne who has told several sources that she suffers from sensitive skin uses rose hip oil to ease her rosacea.

Wearing hats and staying out of the sun is a rule Rose lives by and as we at Mirenesse suggest the best way to prevent skin damage and ageing is to apply SPF.


Rose suggests when applying sunscreen to the face and body, to start with clean skin.

Beauty Rachael Taylor says her moisturiser and love for chamomile tea keeps her skin fresh.


Following her star performance on the Wolf of Wall Street favourite Margot Robbie has also shared and showcased some of her favourite beauty tips and styles.


Loyal to Australian skincare Margot regularly has a facial and uses an assortment of multiple skin care products.

A lover of defined eyebrows, Margot rocks a shade or two darker than her hair colour to ensure her brows stand out.

One of her favourite daytime looks is to pull off a bright pink lipstick with a casual up ‘do and this is a youthful style that is easy and quick on the go.


So there you have it, words of the wise from the beautiful celebs who can’t escape the close up photos or hide away when suffering from a bad skin day!

Stay Beautiful and feel free to share your youthful skin secrets with us in the comments below.

Mirenesse xx


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