Beauty Stress Relief…

beauty therapy

Caught up in our day to day lives we sometimes forget or merely don’t take time out of our day to take a breather, so today us girls at Mirenesse are sharing some of our favourite stress relievers with you all!

1. Exercise! Whether you are the long walk type of girl who enjoys catching up on the latest gossip with your girlfriends or listening to the latest tunes the outdoors can really clear the mind. For those a little daring a body pump or spin class at the gym will burn heaps of calories and relieve those work headaches. Activity also boosts endorphins and is considered to be mediation in motion which improves your mood and increases self confidence, improves sleeping and distracts us from our worries.


2. Another precision focused favourite is baking. Driving dedication and satisfaction baking can also be strongly motivating and it promotes productivity which scientifically and mathematically sends messages to the brain that are hopeful.


3. One that all us ladies really enjoy is shopping which is one of the most rewarding therapies out there.

But it is important to remember a few things before you start splurging.

– Loose what you don’t use, so that you know exactly what you need.

– Keeping shopping, but spend less! Sign up for subscriptions and keep up to date with the latest offers!!!

And lastly, remember when you feel stressed to talk to those you love most and spend some time making a list of things you really need and invest some time into window shopping and loving yourself by trying new trends in the mirror

Mirenesse xx