Youthful Anti-Ageing Primers…


Primer is one little beauty essential that we tend to forget about from time to time, but it makes a significance difference!

Not only will it make your makeup withstand the day but it can kiss goodbye those imperfections and even cure aged skin damage!

But, there is more than one type of primer so let’s break down the basics!

Firstly Face Primer, to ensure the perfect base a BB-infused primer is best. 


Pure natural minerals will create a lineless, poreless, airbrushed look and this is a great one for sensitive skin.

For those looking to turn back time our Velvet Maxisculpt Collagen Gele is the ultimate anti-ageing pick-me-up that’s ideal for the handbag, car or travel bag and in conjunction with the Velvet Maxi Lift Airbrush Foundation you can be promised long-term anti-ageing benefits and self-adjusting corrections for uneven skin tone, blemishes, fine lines and open pores.



Second on the list is Lash Primer

Promising growth, lengthening and volumising as our 4D Lash Evolution Primer does, a lash primer is the perfect way to ensure natural growth of your eyelashes and to instantly add volume and thickness.

What you are looking for in these great primers are some strong ingredients such as; Apple Stem Cells, Peptides, Silk, Panthenol and Bio Nutrients.


Third on the list is a big favourite we all could use, Eye Primer!

Powerful enough to fill, conceal and brighten, this little luxury is a must have!

In our own range our Sexy Secret Eye Primer is the ideal 4 in 1 shadow base, line filler, concealer and brightener!


A revolutionary breakthrough, eye primer can be applied around the whole eye area and even added to the lip area to add fullness and define plump lips or hide small smile lines!

Now with the difference and the benefits outlined for you, go out and be primed to perfection!

Mirenesse xx