Red Vs Pink Lips…

roses feature size

There are many ways to finish off your look with a gorgeous lip colour as new collections are introduced into the beauty world each day!

So with endless lip colour possibilities, the real question becomes; what colour should we wear?

This is where the red and pink lip colour stand off begins!

So, let’s try and pick a team!

In one corner we have red; a classic shade that adds punch and is associated with warmth, positivity and sexy motivation!


In the other corner we have pink, which varies from pale to powdery and can be a lot easier to wear for fair and beige skin types!

The celebs choice has been a consistent spot of rouge lately and for olive, bronze and deep tones the colour really does pop!

Our choice is a mixture of the two, and for those wanting the best of both worlds ombre styles have never been in more fashion than they are now!

sp-limited-edition-lip-bomb-colour-explosion-gold-rush-2To pull off a two-tone lip colour, simply line the lips and coat lightly with the darker shade and then apply the lighter shade to the centre and blend it outwards.


In our own range, our Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine and Lip Bomb Colour Explosion Kit  have vibrant red and pink shades available so be sure you show off a pop of colour by pulling off a vibrant lip style!

Mirenesse xx