Bad Beauty Mistakes…


Do you sometimes think you may be going about your makeup, skincare or even haircare routine wrong? Well, you just may be, so to avoid future beauty blunders it’s time to break down the 6 common beauty mistakes.

1. Overmedicating pimples and blemishes. 


As soon as a pimple or breakout appears the automatic reaction is to apply acne treatments once, twice and even up to three times and same goes for exfoliating. What is forgotten here is with pimples, blemishes and troubled areas of the skin, a gentle and simple routine is essential.

Exfoliating should be limited for dry skin once a week and for oily skin types two to three at most a week. With treatments remember that some of them contain acids that penetrate the skin for hours after application so over use will drown the area and cause it to become very dried out.

The last thing you want is more redness, peeling and irritation so for young skin that only has some troubles your bathroom shelf should not be filled with products, with a weekly exfoliator, a great moisturiser and a cleanser you have all you need. It isn’t until more troubles form that you need extra serums and face masks to combat wrinkles, bad pores and blemishes.

2. Ignoring the neck area.

This is something that is still very common. For those that don’t do this already, make sure you moisturise your neck as well as your face.

3. Not washing your makeup brushes. 

Mixed shades, bad colouring and bacteria is what can result from using non washed brushes. So use a brush cleaner or a suitable cream cleanser to clean them every now and again.

4. Plucking your eyebrows too close to the mirror. 

brow pluck

When plucking your eyebrows, it is important to remember two things. Firstly, very thin eyebrows are no longer in, and second the closer you are to the mirror the more you focus on single lashes and forget the overall result and shape of the brow.

Rather it is best if you use a large mirror next to a window and step back from the mirror often. Your brows should be in proportion to your face shape, if you move close to the mirror when you begin remember to step back after every few hairs to check symmetry.

5. Washing your hair to often and applying conditioner all over.

Shampooing your hair daily is okay if you use gentle products and have fine hair. But for those who lather more than that or have thick or coarse hair, you’re stripping away beneficial strands. Remember hair closest to the roots is healthy new growth so don’t apply conditioner here, only your stressed ends need attention.

6. Spraying on perfume after you are dressed.

Not only can perfume stain fabric and smell unpleasant but as it is formulated to be applied to the skin it should be applied before dressing. The best way to wear it is to lightly spray it on the wrists, base of the throat and behind the earlobes. Remember to not rub your wrists together as this breaks down the scents structure.

So break the vicious cycle of skin blemishes and breakouts and stop making these common mistakes and unveil the inner beauty that is naturally produced by simplify your skin, haircare and makeup routine.

Mirenesse xx


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