The 8 Makeup Brushes You Should Own & How To Use Them!

makeup brushes

It’s true; no makeup bag is complete without professional quality brushes!

For a lot of us, we try to get by with only 1 or 2 brushes and even use fingers to apply makeup.

But, did you know that wiping down your brush and using it multiple times can actually cause blotchy coverage and a patchy complexion, not to mention a build up of bacteria.

This is why washing your brushes and understanding how to get the best use out of them is so important.

We’ve complied a list of the top eight brushes you need in your life!

makeup brush differences

  1. A foundation brush for you liquid foundation or BB cream.
  2. A powder and kabuki brush for your compact foundation or mineral powder.
  3. A blush brush for rosy cheeks or to be used as a bronzer brush for model cheekbones.
  4. An eyeliner brush for precise lines.
  5. A crease brush for eye shadow depth and blend perfection.
  6. An eye contour brush for sculpting.
  7. A smudge brush for blending and stretching colour.
  8. A lip brush for perfectly lined lips that are full and plump.

The key however is not just to have them all and use them well but also to know what your brushes are made from.

Our own taklon is cruelty free and is a synthetic fibre that is far superior to animal hair, which is commonly found in standard makeup brushes.


If you’re looking to try a new range of brushes for the first time, a kabuki or brush duet is a great way to do so and these are easy to carry on the go.

So review the brushes in your makeup bag and ensure you have all you’ll ever need for flawless makeup application and coverage!

Mirenesse xx