What to look for in a Foundation…

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Finding the right foundation is difficult, particularly one that provides both full coverage and skincare benefits!

But, seek and you shall find!

If you’re not already in the loop about our “10” then it’s time you met the “10” Collagen Cushion Compact‘s hero ingredient; SYN-COLL.

SYN-COLL is one small peptide with a unique sequence to mimic the human body’s own mechanism to produce collagen and therefore reduce lines and blemishes.

Over the last few years peptides have become an important ingredient in wrinkle- reducing products and now SYN®-COLL is about the hit the market in a big way!

We at Mirenesse have already begun using SYN-COLL to stimulate the collagen synthesis to actively remove wrinkles, firm and moisturise the skin alongside repair existing damage.

angled compact

Now encased in a portable liquid infused cushion compact that is both brightening and soothing you can hold and carry with you the ideal foundation anywhere!

Making your skin pearl soft in mere seconds, this easy to use compact is spill proof and a definite must try for all skin types including dry, red and dull skin sufferers!

See how to apply the compact and it’s amazing benefits below!

Mirenesse xx


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