Nail Hacks For DIY Nails!

nail hacks

Creating the perfect nail designs at home isn’t easy!

However there are a few tips and tricks that have made our nail hack list, so that you can become a nail pro in no time!

1. Use ice water to dry your nails in three minutes. Let them air dry for a couple minutes then dunk away.

2. When applying a topcoat, run the brush along the top edge of your nail to seal the raw edge of the polish to prevent chipping.

3. Whiten your nails after removing dark nail polish by soaking your nails in hot water, baking soda and some whitening toothpaste, it works wonders.

4. Get creative and make a dotter for your nails by dipping the back of a pin into nail lacquer and then onto your nails.

You can also use cello tape to create stencils for new designs.

Make a dotter for your nails.




5. Store your nail polish in a smart and effective way by creating coloured for the tops of your nail polishes.

The smart way to store your nail polish:

Mirenesse xx