Anti-Ageing Colours You Should Be Using…


It’s worth noting that as we change with age, so should the makeup colour palette we use!

Today, we’ve mapped out the colours that are most flattering for your eyes, lips and hair.

1. Eyes.

When it comes to eyeliner, a natural brown or taupe colour will open the eyes and create a soft look.

For shadows, the key is to prime first with a unique professional strength liquid such as our Icon Sealer Supreme Eye Smoothing Primer, which brightens and shapes the eyes and allows eyeshadows to blend and be applied seamlessly.


After priming, it’s best to follow with a trio of pure crushed natural minerals that blend seamlessly to create a flawless eye, such as our Creaseless Shadow Boudoir Collection.


When it comes down to the shadow colours, light shades such as peaches and pinks work really well here, as we tend to loose these brightening colours as we age.

Bold eyebrows also tend to fall away as we age and their power to lift and frame the face can be majorly missed, so do invest in a great eyebrow crayon and brush

We recommend our 3D Multishade Brow Express Triangular Waterproof Crayon & Styler Brush.


2. Lips.

We know lips can become thinner over time so the best thing to do is to use a lip liner and a lip-plumping gloss, such as our Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine Lip Plumper with collagen plumping spheres that naturally swell lips in minutes!

new-velvet-lip-lift-moisture-shine-rich-crystals-45g3. Hair Colour.

When it comes to hair, remember the more grey coverage you have, the lighter your overall shade will appear. Therefore it is best to go for golden warm colours and stick to 1-3 shades lighter or darker than your natural colour. 

So together with active skincare you can enjoy your youth forever and always!

Mirenesse xx