How To Reduce Dark Circles & Under Eye Puffiness!


Do you hate waking up to under eye puffiness and dark circles?

Sliced cucumbers, tea bags and even the back of a cold spoon not working?

It’s time to look alive and meet the new I-SPRESSO Vibraserum Eye Relief, an instant eye rejuvenating serum which reduces puffiness and colour corrects darkness to fight the signs of long term ageing.

With a ceramic porcelain cooling and vibrating applicator, you can provide instant relief to tired eyes and help penetrate the delicate eye area without tugging or pulling.

Ideal for late night recovery or for those working with computers, this amazing eye serum instantly treats fine lines around the eye area.

I-SPRESSO is power packed with a combination of 12 powerful clinically proven complexes!


Squeeze, Switch and Smooth and unveil a new younger looking you, with alive eyes!

Mirenesse xx