The Golden Look…


Gold makeup is universally flattering and is a common suggestion for non-makeup wearers who want to try out a bold makeup look.

Adding instant warmth, gold can be used in a subtle or bold way.

1. First off, a gold eye colour can stand alone.


Following your foundation base, a gold creamy eye colour can be applied from the lash line and blended up over the crease almost to the brow bone. The look can then be easily completed with a touch of bronzer or blush and lots of mascara.

2. To achieve a bolder look you can add drama to the eye or the lip area.

For eyes, you can pair black with gold to really define your eye shape and add sparkle.

gold 2

To achieve the look, you’ll need to use an eye primer and apply a chocolatey, brown shade first and then follow with a gold shadow.

Then a black shadow can be added around the eye with a blending brush in a sideways V shape motion.

After it has all been blended well, take a small amount of loose gold powder and and pat it on top of the gold eyeshadow that you applied earlier.

You can also add a burnt orange or metallic under the brow line for more glam.

Using a gold or black eyeliner or both, line your upper lash line, curl your lashes and apply your favourite mascara or false lashes for extra drama.

If using both colours, apply gold eyeliner from the inner corner to the centre and black from the centre to the outer edge.


If your more into lip colour then a two tone golden lip is the way to go.


Adding fullness and glam to your favourite pink lipstick, dab a little of the gold on your middle bottom lip.

Remember the key to pulling off a gold look is for you to firstly decide where to wear gold before you apply, it’s either the eyes or the lips not both.

Secondly, you need to choose the right shade of gold, the paler your skin the paler the shade of gold.

Don’t pair gold with other shimmery colours, too much glitter can be over powering.

Keep in mind that glittery shades can gather in fine lines and wrinkles.

Beginners should experiment after applying a face highlighter and creamy colours which can be blended really easily.

But, if it’s all a little too much, start with nails.

It’s one place that everyone can wear gold with confidence, as it’s a colour that looks good on both long and short nails.



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