Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas!


One of the many great things about Halloween is the way it brings out a creative side in all of us!

Rather than spending tons of money on a Halloween costume that you’ll only wear for one night, why not make your face the main attraction to your costume using some clever makeup?

If you think you’re not artistically talented enough to pull off one of these cool looks, there are many ways to get it done such as watching tutorials or discussing Instagram pictures with friends.

Using your favourite black eyeliner you can easily create a feline look by accentuate the inner corners of the eyes and gently dabbing small dots and fanning them out for light whiskers above the lips alongside a deep colouring of the nose.

Your favourite black and coloured eyeliners and bright lip colours can also be used to draw stitch marks, open wounds, droopy lashes or even to create a graphic look.

grid insta

So, don’t break the budget this Halloween explore your makeup bag and let your makeup creativity be the highlight of your outfit!

Mirenesse xx