How To Choose The Best Concealer?


Just as there are many types of primers there is also a diverse range of concealers on the market for you to use to hide those little imperfections.

First is first though, the colour wheel!

Certain colours can help correct certain imperfections and so we have listed each colours benefits below.

colour wheel

The genius colour green is best used for skin concerns that are red, including blemishes, acne, rosacea, windburn and even sunburn. 

Ladies here it is important to remember that with pimples pop a little of your concealer on a brush and gently roll it over the spot, don’t rub it in.

Salmon, a peachy-pink shade should be used around the eye area to brighten it and likewise yellow concealers hide dark circles, bruises and veins and orange is great for darker skin tones to correct dark circles or very severe dark spots on the face.

The key here is the same as with pimples, gently slide it across the area no rubbing.

Now to a girly favourite; lilac, this concealer is a great way to combat any yellow undertones on your skin which is excellent for dull skin as it instantly brightens the face.

Lastly, white which is great for highlighting certain areas of your face and a great choice for contouring! Perfect in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up.

One main beauty tip for those who still may be making a major beauty mistake is to apply your concealer after your liquid or base colour not before hand, and try to avoid using your fingers.

In our range we have several concealers that are great for concealing spots and fine red capillaries, determined to improve the look of lines, dark circles and blemishes, designed to treat skin discolourations as well as provide a base to keep eyeshadows crease-proof and longer lasting.

So make the right decision when purchasing your next concealer and enjoy the benefits of the perfect colour imperfection solution!

Mirenesse xx