Professional Brushes Launched!

brush feature


No cosmetic bag is complete without quality brushes. Today we launched four new professional brushes that will make a huge difference to your morning regime, save you time, money and give you a superior finish.

Our new pro cream blender brush is ideal for dark circles and hard to reach areas. The pro liquid blender brush gives you a natural flawless finish. Sculpting and highlighting with blush, bronzers and different colour palettes is soft and precise with the pro cheek sculptor brush.

Finally, buffing and concealing pores and minor imperfections on flat areas are easy with the pro pore perfect brush.



These new brushes are made of Taklon, a superior brush fibre to animal hair because:

•             Taklon brushes apply the product more evenly than animal hair brushes, due to their finer texture differences

•             They don’t absorb the product, which means you actually save on how much you need to use

•             Our brushes are pre-treated with an anti-bacterial material that helps prevent brushes accumulating bacteria which can prevent blemishes

•             Finally, Taklon fibres don’t deform over time and are able to be washed easily in shampoo – so they can last much longer

Head over to our new pro brushes range to find out more.