Keep your face in place!


You look at the mirror before you leave your house and your makeup game is looking GREAT! A couple of hours later, you are hiding away in the bathroom, re-applying more makeup that seems to have disappeared off your face… we have all been there.

By using the right products, you can leave your makeup bag at home and enjoy your evening out looking perfect from start to finish!


First base

Not only does priming allow for smooth and even foundation application, but it helps the foundation “cling” onto your face and not slide off!

We recommend a mattifying primer such as Invisible fill makeup airbrush line filling mattifier to keep your makeup in place, as well as controling oiliness throughout the day – so you are not constantly touching up with powder.


Flawless forever

Apply a longwearing, water and perspiration resistant, full coverage foundation such as the Velvet Maxi Lift Airbrush Line Treatment after you wait 5 minutes for your primer to set.

This genius multi active foundation helps to maintain skins youth while providing immaculately flawless unstoppable wear- for 18hours.


Seal the deal

Apply a translucent powder to set and seal your makeup in- while providing a flawless look at the same time.

We recommend our BB Pore Powder: This super-sheer powder is completely undetectable on the skin and seals foundation, concealers or even just primers to create porcelain looking finish.



Mirenesse, xx