What You Should Know About Home and Salon Pedicures


With a nail salon on just about every corner, having a pedicure or painting your nails is a nice way to spend your Saturday afternoon. However it is not always as glamorous as it sounds for someone who ends up at the podiatrist after his or her visit.

Here are some handy tips, so that the next or future pedicures are problem free.

Home Pedicures:

Helpful hints to prevent problems such as staining and allergic contact dermatitis from happening, are as follows:

  • Always apply a good quality base coat to the nails to protect from staining.
  • Try to avoid the darker colours such as black, to minimise the risk of staining.
  • Never wear nail polish for prolonged periods of time as this may mask underlyingproblems, such as a fungal infection.
  • Do not share nail polish with other people, especially those who have fungal nails.
  • Have your own set of separate nail instruments for your feet and hands and do not share your instruments with others.
  • Once you have cut your toenails place the clippers in a cup of boiling water with disinfectant for 30 minutes to kill any fungal spores or bacteria.
  • If you notice any pigmentations on the toenails that may be fungal, make sure you see a podiatrist to have it diagnosed early and prevent further spreading.
  • If you have sensitive skin make sure you buy hypoallergenic polishes and keep cuticles moisturised.


Salon Pedicures:

Now onto salon pedicures that may carry a more severe array of issues, such as infection (bacterial and/or fungal), trauma and allergic reactions.

  • Bring your own instruments to the salon for the beauty therapist to use if you are concerned with the sterilisation standards.
  • If you have sensitive skin or want to avoid the risk of staining bring your own nail polish that you know does not stain or cause an allergic reaction.
  • Avoid disruption of the cuticle, such as having them pushed too far back or cut.
  • Ask to have toenails cut straight across and file the edges smooth to avoid ingrown toenails.
  • Seek podiatry or medical advice if any signs of infection both bacterial or fungal present in or around the toenails.

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Mirenesse, xx

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