How To Prepare Your Skin For A Holiday Getaway



As the final countdown to that long-awaited holiday begins, you can kill some time by looking after your skin and prepping it for that warm and balmy climate change.

You also want to keep makeup to a minimum when you are constantly swimming and out in the humidity so follow these steps to look beautiful from within.

Say hello to a glowing new you, and reverse any signs of the dull skin that you’ve neglected all winter long.



Scrub down

After a season of harsh heating and being covered in wintry clothes, exfoliating your skin is a must!

Scrub away dry patches and dead skin cells that has built up throughout the winter, and your skin will love you for it. This will brighten your complexion and allow serums and moisturisers to absorb better. You will also notice a decrease in sebum and blemishes- just in time to rock that gorgeous summer glow.

We recommend the Power Lift Massage Bead Cleanser 3 times a week before your holiday for beautiful glowing skin.



Mask it

You want to wear minimal makeup on your holiday so you want your skin to be as perfect as can be! After exfoliating, choose a mask to cater to your skin needs!

A decongesting, gommage mask such as our Fast Fix Pore Shrinc Mask for clogged pores, a brightening mask for dull skin such as our Endless Youth Ocean Mousse Mask or deeply hydrating and antiageing mask such as the Fast Fix Ice Crystal Cryotherapy Mask. 




After these steps, your skin is ready to eat up nutrient-rich and rejuvenating ingredients rapidly. After your skin has suffered from the winter weather, you need to use something that is moisturises as well as treats so that your skin is smooth, holiday-ready skin!


We recommend the Power Lift Treatment Cream 6fb04dc55cd56c7b1b54e41125f1a2b5



Now you can arrive at your destination knowing that your skin is absolutely radiant and spend your holiday away relaxing and feeling confident about your complexion!

PS. Remember to use the Eclipse Age Defence Balm to give yourself yourself protection from harmful UV rays! A slick of Secret Weapon 24HR Mascara to make your eyes pop (water-resistant- no panda eyes guaranteed) and you’re good to go. Enjoy!