Mattfinity….it’s here to stay



It’s all over the catwalk this year. Kylie Jenner is rocking the look like a pro, and you want in! Yes it’s the matte lip. Everytime you’ve tried, your lips have punished you for it- it’s cracked, chapped leaving you running for the lip balm.


Thankfully, we have the answer to your prayers. It is truly possible to have the soft, hydrated lips whilst staying beautiful, cushiony and matte, thanks to our NEW LAUNCH Mattfinity Lip Rouge.


Portrait of beautiful girl with pink lips.

Why Mattfinity rocks!


  • Lip Hug™ applicator delivers just what the name promises- the ultra-cool wand allows the rich pigment to literally glide on and hug your lips.


  • It is available in 10 gorgeous shades, named after cities all around the world- all the way from New York to Ibiza.


  • Anti feathering technology means no need for lip liner- this creamy mousse lip color fills in your lip line with no mess.


  • Instantly hydrates your lips upon application and helps stop moisture evaporation- so throw away the lip balm, you won’t be needing it!


  • Longwearing color with an inbuilt stain, to last from day to


What is your shade? We dare you to stop at 1!


Head over and see for yourself!






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