How to wear bronzer



We all love the idea of looking sun kissed and golden but the look can sometimes be hard to perfect. If you find yourself trapped between looking pale and an oompa loompa- you’re not alone. Bronzer is one of the main beauty faux pas when used incorrectly- however when applied properly, it can warm up your look and turn you into a bronzed goddess in seconds.

You will need:

Mirenesse Skin Clone Mineral Veil Bronzer





Less is definitely more in this case. You’re want to apply the powder bronzer to the parts of the face that the sun would naturally touch, not all over. Imagine a “3” on each side of your face- lightly stroke your brush starting with the forehead, working towards the cheekbones and finish with the jaw line. Use our Retractable Kabuki Brush as the shape of this brush is perfect for this contoured look. You can build up more color as you go!



We always forget that our décolletage needs some TLC too! It can make you look slimmer and smoother and also help define your chest area the way you want! Again using light strokes and powder Apply bronzer under your collarbones to emphasise the area or in between your breasts to give the impression of more cleavage.


After waiting for your moisturizer to dry, use a big fluffy brush such as our Kabuki Vanity Brush and in a circular motion, lightly brush your bronzer all over your legs! Easy.


There you go…. Fake that holiday glow!
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xx Mirenesse