How to fake a good night sleep



It’s 7.30am, and your alarm goes off. You get out of bed feeling like you’ve missed out on more than a few hours beauty sleep- whether it’s sitting at the computer or partying all night, we’ve all been there!  The fatigue is nothing a coffee can’t fix, but honey, those eye bags don’t lie! Not to mention the dull skin and blemishes than can come with lack of sleep.

Wake up sleepyhead, here are some beauty tips make you look alive again!


What you will need:


Mirenesse HD Beauty light CC Concealer

1. Draw downward triangles, stopping mid cheek, underneath your eyes. Use a concealer brush or your finger to dab and blend until your dark circles are gone. Hello bright eyes!




2.  Perk up your face with some gorgeous highlights- a line on your cheekbones, down your nose, chin, and forehead (where light would a naturally hit) and blend, blend, blend! Say goodbye to dull skill, you are glowing baby!



3. Dot your any blemishes and imperfections and gently dab and blend with your finger or a brush. Watch in awe as your skin becomes as clear as day before your eyes!



It is that easy to get fresh faced in minutes!


xx Mirenesse