Easy smokey eyes… in any colour



No longer is the smokey eye look limited to the likes of Avril Lavigne circa 2001- this look has taken the runway by storm in the last decade. Contrary to popular belief, smokey eyes can be achieved with any colour– as long as there are a mixture of dark and light colours. Mastered correctly, the smokey eyes can emphasise your eyes, add a sexy edge to your look while staying sophisticated! Here are 6 step by steps tips that the professionals don’t want you to know!

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.50.13 PM

  1. Never miss this step- prime, prime, prime After applying your foundation base, dab Mirenesse Icon Sealer Supreme Eye Smoothing Primer onto your eyelids to ensure your shadow stays on all night and doesn’t move. This eye primer also helps minimize the look of lines around the eyes!
  2. Using the Mirenesse Cat Eyes Liner in any colour you desire, line the top lash with a small flick at the outer eye- finish with a line along the lower lashes. Use the blender end to blend, baby, blend!
  3. Take the Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow in any colour- and start by sweeping the lightest colour on the left all over your entire lid. Use a big fluffy brush such as the Mirenesse Eye Smudge Brush for this step.Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.51.20 PM
  4. Using the Mirenesse Eye Contour Brush, apply the medium shade to the out two thirds of the lid, and into the crease line, blend away.
  5. Bold up the look with the  darkest colour, using the smudge brush again, buff into the very outer corner of the eyes, blending into the crease and onto the lash line. If you want, you can even add a bit of this color to your bottom lash line!
  6. Finish off with a few sweeps of the Mirenesse Supreme Mascara  on the top and bottom lashes, for intense, thick  and long lashes!

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