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Are you skipping one of the most beneficial step in your skincare routine? We’re sure you know how often we should be cleaning, hydrating and exfoliating our skin- but do we know how often we should be using face masks? Perhaps you do but it is too much effort, time and mess- and does it really make a difference?


Cosmetic procedure with  moisturize maskWith the rising of the sheet mask, this revolutionary new skincare regime means that the effort, time and mess is halved- and arguably, the beauty benefits compared to traditional masks are vast.


Enriched with vitamin, mineral and amino packed ingredients, these masks creates a transdermal barrier for the skin so that all these nutrients can be absorbed at a rapid rate. All you need to do is take the mask out of the packet, plop it on your face for 10-20 minutes, throw it out afterwards. It is your very own at-home day spa facial and the results can be quite instant.


So how do you get the best out of your sheet mask?


Woman applying gel eye mask

  1. How to prep before your at-home facial?


Start with clean skin- just as you would at your day spa, you will need to start with a clean canvas. Clean your face with a cleanser such as Endless Youth Bubble and Glow Cleanser for a squeaky-clean. Exfoliation will help your skin absorb all the nourishing ingredients so a nice gentle scrub such as our Endless Youth Magic Beads will get rid of dead skin, so your face is ready for your sheet mask!



  1. How long are you supposed to leave sheet masks on for?


We tend to think that the longer we leave something on for, the better affect it leaves- however this is not the case with sheet masks. Always follow the instructions on the packet, because they’re there for a reason! If you leave the mask on for too long, it will start sucking the moisture out of your skin, and leaving the opposite of the desired result!


  1. What mask do I need?


Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask


This Award Winning mask is used to reduce puffiness, dark circles and lines around the eyes. Active ingredients such as Retinol helps repair and boost collagen production in the skin. Just a hint: you can also use this on your “smile lines” too for the same affect! For an even more powerful boost, put on some Power Lift Super Eye Serum before hand!


Power Lift Dermal Firming Mask


This mask is perfect for firming aging and sagging skin- and is extremely hydrating to rejuvenate dry dull skin. What more can you want in a face mask? This Collagen and Apple Stem Cell infused mask helps your skin look younger, instantly.


  1. What to do after your at-home facial?


You will find that there is a little leftover serum on your face, and perhaps on the mask and the packet too- do not wash or throw out just yet, massage any remaining anti-ageing ingredients all over your face for maximum effect. Seal with a moisturizer to help keep all the nutrients in and hydrate at the same time – such as the Power Lift Treatment Cream.



Sheet masks are an effective and easy way to give your skin that boost it needs- it is recommended you try this 1-2 times a week to help maintain your skin’s youth! Any questions at all, comment us below!


Xx Mirenesse HQ

Portrait of a woman with an eye mask