Beauty on Budget


Why should you have to miss out on luxury beauty to make ends meet? With these tips, not only can you look good and feel good, but you’ll be saving money while staying beautiful…

-Paint your nails with Bullet Proof Nail Polishes and add a sprinkle of Diamond Dip Powder – Save a trip to the nail salon and give yourself a nail makeover at home.bullet-proof-nail-laquer-37golden-band-8g-ships-australia-only

-Spare yourself the pain of needles,  plump up those lips with the Microcollagen enriched, Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine. This plumping gloss is so effective, you’ll never go back!

-Leave your  Inside Out 27hr Kohl  in the fridge to keep them lasting longer. In some warmer environments, the kohl can get soft and your “line” won’t be as crisp and clean, so keep this pencil nice and cool!

-Instead of buying a new compact each time you run out of the Eclipse Age Defence Balm, keep your original compact and buy refills instead!


-Finding yourself having to switch to a lighter shade of Skin Clone Mineral Face Powder in the winter? Don’t throw the darker shade away, use as a contour or bronzer  for a natural sun kissed  finish.

– Mix one part Power Lift Treatment Cream with your foundation for an effective, DIY tinted moisturiser- this will help your moisturizer last longer too as you use half as much!

-Instead of having multiple separate beauty products in your makeup bag, combine everything you need with the Beauty Call Touch Up Palette – it’s your lip gloss, lip stick, blush,  powder,eyeshadow, concealer all in one nifty product!

-Stock up on your favorite cosmetics in discontinued packaging such as the Emulsion Pact Compact- it is the exactly same beauty product you know and love but in last season’s casing!

– Our Secret Weapon 24Hr Mascaras are water based- if you do find that it has dried up due to environmental factors or simply not closing the lid properly, add a couple of drops of cooled boiled water or saline solution and your mascara will be good as new again

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