New World Launch Magnomatic Magnetic Liner Lash Kits


magnomaticNew World Launch Magnomatic Magnetic Liner Lash Kits!
Magic Happens. The Mirenesse Magnomatic Kit Magnetic Eyeliner & Reusable Lashes makes it so easy and quick to get false lashes on!

Easier than Ever to Apply False Lashes – No Glue, No Mess, No Stress
Comes with Magnetic Eyeliner Super Black + 2 Pairs of Lashes for Day & Night Look + Remover
Secure Reusable Lashes On & Off with a Simple Motion for All Day Wear
Cleansing Oil Ensures Easy & Safe Removal of Magnetic Eyeliner
15 Free Promise – Proven Clean Beauty Formulation
REMOVAL: Due to its super long lasting and waterproof nature,t he best way to remove the liner is with a cotton tip soaked in the remover, and rub it over the lash liner until its removed, if you have our Purify Eye Lip Remover this can work as well, and great for sensitive eyes.
Magnomatic Eyeliner & 5D Lashes FAQS.

How do you use the Magnomatic Eyeliner & 5D Lashes?

Try on the lashes to make sure they are comfortable, if not trim from the outer corner.

VERY IMPORTANT – SHAKE SHAKE Bottle then Apply magnetic liner on top of the eyelid on your lash line. Allow to dry for a minute before applying the lashes. Ensure you have a thick line near the inner and outer corners so as the magnets can connect to the liner.

Apply the lashes on top of your natural lashes with your fingers or plastic tweezers and connect them with one simple click, then press gently to secure them onto the liner. When applying the lashes, we suggest using your fingers as using metal tweezers may attract the magnets on your lashes.

What makes the eyeliner magnetic?

andrias eyeThe Magnomatic Eyeliner contains safe magnetising particles that attract the magnets on our lashes.

Is the Magnomatic Eyeliner safe and gentle on the eyes?

Yes, Magnets have been used on the body for thousands of years. Our Magnomatic liner has been tested to comply with the Australian regulatory requirements. Magnetic Liner and Lashes are proven to be safer for your eyes than lash extensions and strip lashes which use harsh glues , lash extensions use “superglue” and will eat away at your own lashes , and glues normally used with lashes contain many harsh ingredients you should not have around your eyes.

Sensitive Eyes: ? We always recommend conducting a test patch before wearing if you do have sensitive eyes

Always do a test patch of the eyeliner to see if you have any sensitivity to the product, do this on the inner part of your elbow and leave for 24hrs – do not use if irritation occurs. In case of eye contact, rinse your eyes immediately with water.

How do I remove the Magnomatic Eyeliner?

Due to its super long lasting and waterproof nature, the best way to remove the liner is with a cotton tip soaked in the remover, and rub it over the lash liner until its removed, if you have our Purify Eye Lip Remover this can work as well, and is great for sensitive eyes.

What are the ingredients in the Magnomatic Eyeliner & Magnetic Eyeliner Cleansing Oil?

Is the Magnomatic Eyeliner waterproof?

Yes , the Magnomatic liner is 100% waterproof , smudge proof and long lasting.

If you need to remove one set of lashes to apply another , we recommend you reapply another layer of liner over the top and wait until its tacky to reapply the new lashes.

My Magnomatic Eyeliner looks thick when I open it?

That is the nature of the formula and is normal. Make sure you shake the eyeliner bottle before opening and using.

I want a thinner wing?

If you need a thinner line we advise you can use any other liner- like our DAD liner to draw your usual wing then draw over the top of it ensuring you have enough liner at inner and outer corners so the lashes will stay on. Alternatively, you may use the Magnetic Liner with a fine tip brush.

Why are my Magnomatic Lashes not sticking to my Magnomatic Eyeliner?

Ensure the Magnomatic Eyeliner has set for at least 60 seconds and is tacky, deepening on the room temperature or weather setting time may be shorter or longer. A thicker line is recommended especially in the outer and inner corners of the eyes to ensure that the lash has a maximum hold.

Do you need glue for the Magnomatic lashes?

No glue is required. The Magnomatic lashes are made to be used with the Magnomatic Eyeliner.

Are the Magnomatic Lashes reusable?

Yes, the Magnomatic Lashes can be reused up to 30 times! We suggest storing them in the box provided, and gently handling the lashes to extend the life of your lashes.

How do I clean the magnetic Lashes ?

You can clean them with our Purify Eye Lip Remover-

Soak 2 pads place lashes between them, then remove any excess liner with your fingertips , then soak another 2 pads In clean water wipe lashes between the pads and allow them to dry then place back into the storage holders

Can I trim the Magnomatic Lashes to fit my eye?

Yes, you can trim the Magnomatic lashes. You must cut the outer part of the lash off. When trimming lash preferably do not cut the outer magnets as these will keep the lashes more secure.

I have hooded eyes can I use these?

Yes you can but as hooded eyes can be a bit tricky with eyeliner please do one eye at a time, keep looking down until the liner is almost set (touch with your fingers until nothing comes onto it , then apply the lashes.

How do I remove my Magnomatic Lashes?

To remove the Magnomatic Lashes, gently peel the lash off your eyelid. Store in box provided to protect and extend the life of your lashes.

Are Lashes and Liner Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Yes we use synthetic silk fibres of the highest quality and each set of lashes is hand made.

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