A Review

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7 thoughts on “A Review

  1. I love Mirenesse products, however I am disappointed that all pics and beauty secrets are for younger people, I am 58 yr young love to look my best. Have even been able to guide my trendy and beautiful 18yr old granddaughter into improving her makeup style. Yvonne

    • Oh no , not true , our founder is your age so we have heaps of products for keeping your beautiful and lots of before and afters what were you looking for please email us via the website and we will help you

  2. I got Mattfinity Paris in a pack… Love Love bought the 10 pack of all colors. I have never had such a moist Matte lippy. Being of a certain age too, it didn’t bleed.. Love Love Love Mattfinity.

  3. WOW i do have to say that the secret weapon supreme 24hour blue mascara is the best i have ever used, ive had so many people comment on my eyes!! i love it!!!

  4. Hello !! Just wanted to tell everyone how wonderful mirenese mascara is … I’ve worn mascara every day since I was 14 years old !!! I am now 52 and all of a sudden I just couldn’t wear the same mascara 😞 it was transferring everywhere and looking very messy !! I’m ageing and my eyes are just changing anyways mirenese mascara has fixed the problem so Thankyou im a very happy customer 😃

  5. Pore perfect is awesome. I have been trying numerous brands and to no avail. Got my sample yesterday and love this product.

  6. I love pore perfect. Have tried numerous products and this is awesome. No need to look any further cannot wait to try other products. Covers pores perfectly.

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