Daytime Eye Makeup…

We all love a great glamorous eye look, but when it comes to daytime how glam should you go?

Well there is no exact answer but we can help find out what is most suitable!

So lets have a look at a few makeup artists tricks of the trade to pull off flawless daytime eye makeup.


1. Disguise Tired Eyes. 

Using a liquid light-reflecting concealer you can easily brighten and lift the under-eye area.


2. Apply Mascara near the roots only.

By wiggling the wand back and forth at the lash base you can give the illusion of length.


3. Avoid Black, Glitter and Dark Smokey Eyes. 

day smokey eye
A light smoky eye can work very well during the day, so avoid using colors like black, dark blue or anything glittery and instead go for plums, greys or browns and apply the darkest tone close to the lash line and then blend upward toward the crease.


4. Use Subtle Liner
Dash the eyeliner pencil under the lash line for a subtler look.


5. Wear Your Favourite Colours during the day. 
If your confident in the makeup you wear it will show and if in doubt tone down your look.


And there you have it, so go and enjoy some daytime definition.

Mirenesse xx